Prince Paul Brewerytown Promo

Behind the Breaks With Prince Paul

We’re so hyped to be working on a project involving Prince Paul!! For a year or so now, Sole Imperial has been in collaboration with Behind the Breaks to work on Branding, Design, and Marketing …

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Reef Success

Reef the Lost Cauze – Success

In an industry that has it’s fair share of fakes, Reef the lost Cauze has represented himself honestly and the culture of Philadelphia consistently throughout his career. We applaud artists who can ta…

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Outsider Featured Image

Benefits of Being an Outsider

In the Seth Godin class that I’m taking, one of the points that he stresses is not being an “insider.” He claims that once being an insider is your goal, you’ll never truly feel inside enough. By this…

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DJ Ambush Featured Image

Interview With DJ Ambush

I’ve gotten to know and work with DJ Ambush for a little over a year now. After meeting with him and his partner, Dave Ghet on working with their company, I quickly learned the wide breadth of i…

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Alyx Tortorice Featured Image

Interview With Alyx Tortorice

 Alyx Tortorice is a transplant from the East Coast who works as a freelancer and footwear designer for Vans. She is looking to make positive change through quality design and sustainability. Alyx is …

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The Captian Surfs Featured Image

Interview With The Captain Surfs

I heard about the art of Chris Viverito, aka The Captain Surfs through his wife and fellow artist, Heather Brown.(read her interview here Based out of Hawai’i, Chris’s creative output is w…

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Joe Buck Featured Image

Interview With Joe Buck(ingham)

“And to my man Joe Buck, you know he nonstop…” – These were the words uttered at the end of “The Bizness,” a standout track from De La Soul’s Stakes is High. The album was a flagship of 90’s album tha…

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Shane McClatchey Featured Image

Interview With Shane McClatchey

Hi Shane, for those that don’t know you, could you please introduce yourself and explain a bit what you do? My name is Shane McClatchey, I am an artist in Laguna Beach, California. I make painti…

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Heather Brown Featured Image

Interview With Heather Brown

Hi Heather, for those that don’t know you, could you please introduce yourself and explain a bit what you do? My name is Heather Brown and I am an artist from the North Shore of Oahu in Hawai…

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Erik Abel Featured Image

Interview With Erik Abel

Erik Abel is an artist and designer based in California. He has a distinctive color palette, and his work on mixed media pieces on wood can be found numerous collaborations with Sector 9, Patagonia, a…

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Theotis Jones Featured Image

Interview With Theotis Jones

From the time I began listening to music in album  form, I’ve always equated the visual element of the cover art as an integral part of how the music is digested. The photographs of Glen E. Frie…

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